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1st Birthday
Cake Smash &
Sitter Session

It's my Birthday and I want cake!

Celebrate your little one's monumental first birthday with our 1st Birthday Cake Smash photoshoot! It's a momentous occasion to commemorate their growth over the past year. Whether you're assembling a cherished photo album or seeking a standout framed image, these iconic shots capture the essence of cuteness. Schedule the shoot on their birthday or a bit earlier to prep for the festivities.


These photos make exceptional gifts and will be treasured for years to come. Plus, what better way for your little one to enjoy smashing up a cake without you needing to tidy the mess? If you prefer a non-smash option, that's no problem! We're here to bring your 1st birthday ideas to life, creating a playful environment to capture their unique personality. Book your session now and let's create lasting memories together!


If your baby is younger than one year old but already showing signs of sitting independently, capture the magic of their milestone moments with our Sitter Session photoshoot. Ideally scheduled around seven months, these sessions are filled with laughter and adorable smiles, preserving the innocence of this precious age. Our experienced team ensures a relaxed and enjoyable experience for the whole family, providing all necessary amenities at our studio. Let's create timeless memories together—book your session today!

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