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1st Birthday Cake Smash

Its my 1st birthday and I want cake!

Few birthdays are more special for your little one than their very first. They may still be tiny, but they’ll probably seem massive to you now compared to when they were born. It’s a momentous occasion as you think about how far your family’s come in only 12 months, so what better way to celebrate this milestone than with our 1st Birthday Cake Smash photoshoot?


Our 1st Birthday Cake Smash shoots are so much fun and a great way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday. Whether you’re putting together a 1st birthday photo album or looking for a special framed image that’ll take pride of place on the wall, these iconic shots are tough to beat when it comes to cuteness value.


You can either choose to have your fun-filled shoot on their birthday or a little earlier to get the pictures ready for the all-important first birthday party. Maybe your little one’s even just celebrated their big birthday but you do’t want to miss out on some epic cash smash pictures. Either way, this type of shoot is also brilliant if you’re looking for 1st birthday gifts for friends or family.


These photos will be treasured for many years to come - just think how great they’ll be when you celebrate their 18th! And when else will your little get the chance to smash up an entire 1st birthday cake - without you having to clean up all the mess?!


If you’re looking for 1st birthday shoot ideas, it’s hard to compete with a cake smash. If you’d prefer a 1st birthday shoot without a cake smash though, that’s absolutely fine too.


Perhaps you’re searching for 1st birthday present ideas and just want a regular photoshoot. Whatever it is, we can help you turn any 1st birthday ideas you may have into reality.


We love capturing little personalities and creating a fun environment for your little one to play, so we can take some amazing photos. We recommend bringing a couple of outfit changes, as well as any comforters that they might want such as a dummy or blanket. Plus, you’ll probably want a clean change of clothes for after your 1st Birthday Cake Smash shoot.


Enquire about our 1st Birthday Cake Smash photoshoots today or book now through our online booking calendar.

Our £95 booking fee covers the cost of your photoshoot.

This booking fee will go towards your chosen package.

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